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Learning the skills of dealing with emotions and overwhelm is a lot like the Leaky Roof Problem. If the roof is leaking, it's probably raining and it's too late to go up and fix it. If it's not raining, the roof isn't leaking and it doesn't seem like it needs fixing at all.

Emotions are often like that. When I ask most entrepreneurs or business people about emotional blocks, they tell me they don't have any. At least they don't have any until some emotion comes up and brings them to a grinding halt! Then they pay and pay for urgent, emergency help. Learning emotional management skills is like setting up systems and procedures for dealing with business problems - you KNOW they're going to happen and you want them to be handled as routine procedure. 

Desire Guy helps you set up those emotional systems and procedures. It's the smart thing to do.

Aikido for Emotions

Training on taking control of your emotions

Aikido for Emotions is a mini-course to take you from a place where your emotions happen to you to being able to take full control of your emotions and fully accept who you are as a perfectly imperfect human.

From time to time, we run an interactive group training on taking control of emotions. As long as you're on the mailing list, you'll find out about it.

Overwhelm Begone

Eliminate Overwhelm

Businessman Overwhelmed with Work

Note - this program is not yet available. Estimate: January

From time to time, we run an interactive group training related to the Beyond Good Enough Book or dealing with Overwhelm for non-business groups. Watch the mailing list for announcements.