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Emotional Control

Aikido for emotions - How to STOP  your emotions from running your life and START managing your emotions to make your life even better

Training on taking control of your emotions

Do you find your emotions sneaking up on you?

Making you say things you don't really want to say?

Getting in the way of the life you really want?

Do you find yourself spending a lot of energy focused on "what's wrong"?

Do your emotions often confuse you?

Do you have difficulty sometimes even know what you're feeling?

Do your emotions sometimes get so strong that it's like they are taking control?

Aikido for emotions

  • greatly increases your emotional intelligence
  • helps you be much more aware of your emotions
  • gives you amazing tools to notice the onset of emotions and moderate their influence
  • gives you what you need to stay focused even in the presence of strong emotions
  • helps you be clear about what you want
  • gives you a way past even the strongest, most paralyzing emotion

What's in this amazing package?

Three tools that can be learned in an hour and can change your life forever:

  1. The Touch Exercise - some people are hyper-aware of the emotions and sensations in their bodies; most of us could use some guidance on how to become more aware. This process helps you do not only that but adds a bonus of showing you how to create emotions on the fly! This process is useful for most people and critical for those who have a challenge noticing what they are feeling.
  2. The Emotional Control Process - almost everyone talks about emotions. The problem is that we understand them at a level that does us no good. We can talk about anger or sadness or grief until we're blue in the face - and nothing changes. This process guides you to a radical new and incredibly powerful way of understanding how emotions work and how to take control of them. Most people can gain basic mastery of this process in less than an hour.
  3. The Acceptance Process. Most of the challenges that most of us have in life stem from doing battle with ourselves or doing battle with reality. This process guides us through mastering the SKILL of accepting ourselves as the perfectly imperfect person that we are and accepting the reality around us as reality. Most people can gain basic mastery of this process in less than an hour.

What else is there?

Many demo recordings of all of the processes - attempting to learn SKILLS from a verbal explanation can be difficult - misunderstandings are easy. That's why each of the processes are demonstrated over and over to avoid misunderstandings and help you achieve that basic mastery as rapidly as possible.