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Desire Guy Hypnosis works with: 

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Leaders in small businesses 

to deal with the emotional side of their business - especially OVERWHELM.

To keep YOUR business running smoothly, plan ahead and be prepared BEFORE those emotions create a crisis.

You can be prepared or ...


Why work with us

For anyone working to start, grow or energize a business, stuff happens. At times, it can get ugly. Progress can come to an abrupt halt.

We can feel like we're not good enough;

we can feel overwhelmed and lost with no idea what to do first

we can feel like it suddenly seems more important to curl up with Netflix or re-index our collection of Beatles songs.

Most business obstacles have a business component AND an emotional component. The text books only tell you how to deal with the business component.

Desire Guy guides you through the emotional component, taking you from fearing your emotions to welcoming your emotions.

Beyond Good Enough

The book. Guides the reader step by step through sorting out what you want, what you need to believe to get or do it and how to shift your beliefs so you CAN get or do it.

Training Programs

Training and support dealing with emotions directly

Training and support in dealing with overwhelm

Training and support using the Beyond Good Enough book

One on One Coaching / Hypnosis

Not everyone has the time and focus to get through their emotions on their own. It's usually easier with an outside perspective. Our one on one programs are geared to support the busy entrepreneur and small business leader. 

Master Hypnotist and Coach Bruce Anderson