Desire Guy

One on one coaching

First of all, why are we called "Desire Guy"? Answer: because the first question we ask is "What do you want?"

Because one on one is so customized and tailored to a single person and your unique situation and needs, there is not much we can say in that's specific.

Some general things:

  • we use conventional talk coaching
  • we use hypnosis where we believe it will work more effectively than talk
  • we assign homework

General themes:

  • we start with desire - what you want and how you know if you have it
  • what MUST you believe that you do not believe now in order to become the person who can achieve your desires?
  • we guide clients to focus on what they want rather than what's wrong or missing
  • we guide clients to celebrate each step forward, no matter how small and we celebrate with them
  • freedom comes from making choices and owning them
  • accept the world as it presents itself to you (i.e. don't fight reality)
  • accept yourself as the perfectly imperfect being that you are (i.e. don't fight yourself - you can't win)

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